5 Reasons to Take the CPA Exam Now

The new version of the CPA exam launched April 1, 2017, which spurred many questions from aspiring CPAs either in between sections of the old and new exam, or about to take the exam for the first time. Though the idea of changes seemed daunting, a wealth of resources were made available for those sitting for the exam.

This past March, NCACPA student members led a question-and-answer panel with Dr. Rick Niswander, who chaired the AICPA Board of Examiners when these changes were underway.

Whether you’re in the middle of completing sections of the exam or have yet to start, here are five compelling reasons (courtesy of Roger CPA Review) you should bite the bullet and take the CPA exam.

1. Experts recommend taking the exam as soon after graduation as possible

Although the new exam has a focus on applying the higher-order skills required in the profession, it is still heavily academic-based. Therefore, it will benefit you to take it while you’re still in a student-centered mindset, and while accounting concepts are fresh in your mind.

2. You’ll never get these summer months back

For those of you who did just graduate, this is your golden opportunity to focus solely on the exam without the added stresses of work. Trust us when we tell you life is only going to get more complex. Take advantage of the time at hand!

3. Delayed score release is not a big deal

The AICPA has announced that CPA Exam scores for Q2 of 2017 won’t be released until August, and this has caused some of you to halt your studies. But this really shouldn’t be a hindrance, as there are still so many benefits to getting a leg up on the exam now. So go ahead and study for and take your first exam section now, giving it all you’ve got.

If you find out later that you didn’t pass a part, it’s okay. At this point you will have already started to build your body of knowledge and refine your personal study methods. If you find out you did pass—that’s great! You’re getting a head start and are way ahead of the game.

4. The firms want you to pass…yesterday

Whether you’re looking for a job, or looking to impress your new employer, passing the exam as quickly as possible is going to make you more valuable. The sooner you get those three letters behind your name, the sooner you can jumpstart your career growth and get ahead of the rest. Plus, many firms offer big bonuses to those who finish in their first year!

5. There’s no need to fear this new exam 

If you’re dragging your heels because you’re just plain scared to face the new exam, it’s time to get over that and realize you can do this. Plus, it isn’t going to suddenly get easier. Rather, the exam will continue to evolve to test candidates based on the challenges of the profession. With this recent round of changes, the foundational knowledge is essentially the same; the main differences are in the way you are asked to demonstrate your knowledge through higher order skill questions, and in the exam structure.

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