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NCACPA brings participants an interactive and informative session on the latest and most major issues affecting the profession and the business climate on state, national, and global levels.

Ethical thinking and decision making rely on our ability to be in touch with how others feel, to have empathy, and to understand how our decisions affect others. We use empathy and emotional intelligence to have a connection with others and “make it personal.” When our thinking gets personal, however, it can cause biases and, ironically, result in overly self-focused thinking, which damages empathy and emotional intelligence. This class will teach thinking strategies to be aware of our empathy levels and balance our emotional connection for better ethical thinking.

Explore the world of existing and emerging technologies, the latest trends in hardware and software, and discover how to harness the power of innovation to supercharge your bottom line and propel your career to new heights.

We’re stronger together.

As a part of NCACPA’s continued commitment to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) throughout its membership, leadership, staff, and business relationships, we are excited to announce the new DEI website, which includes DEI-related resources in the areas of learning, community, and leadership! 


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