Microsoft Outlook Must Know Email Tips
Retaining Talent - Employee Compensation Plan
Conducting Meaningful Walkthroughs

This session will help you identify all the Outlook® features you can use to process and organize your email more efficiently, recall the various tools in Outlook® to automate the management of your email, and configure your Outlook® to create customized views and feature settings.

Even in the age of automation, the most valuable resource any company has is its employees. Finding the right person who fits the skills needed for the job and the personality of the organization is a challenge, especially in a competitive market. Using examples and illustrative problems, this course will explore the structure and taxation of various types of employee compensation plans. It will also utilize surveys and statistics to explore the effects of various types of plans on employee retention.

This course will serve as an introduction to conducting effective walkthroughs to gain an understanding of the client’s transaction processes as well as identifying internal controls within each process. This course will review the procedures, questions to ask, and documentation requirements of walkthroughs. It will also include real-world examples of the red flags that may arise while executing a walkthrough.

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