CPE: Credits

How many CPA hours must I complete in a calendar year?
North Carolina CPAs must take 40 hours of CPE between January 1 and December 31 each year to maintain their certificate. As part of the annual CPE requirement, all active CPAs must complete two hours of ethics in a group study or self-study format. For additional questions, refer to the North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners website for CPE regulations. Find out more about NCACPA Ethics programming.
How is CPE credit calculated?
CPE programs are measured by program length, with one 50-minute period being equal to one CPE credit. Participants must round down, not up, to the nearest half-hour. Half-hour credits will be accepted for CPE after the first full hour of credit is earned. A half hour is equal to 25 minutes. For additional questions, refer to the North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners CPE regulations.
How do I know if a program sponsor is approved to offer CPE in North Carolina?
Refer to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) for approved CPE sponsors. NCACPA is registered with NASBA as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, registry ID# 112314. NCACPA is also compliant with the NC State Board of CPA Examiners’ CPE regulations.
Have the rules regarding CPE changed?
CPE rules change frequently. For the most up-to-date information, click here to visit the North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners' website.
What CPE delivery types do we offer?
NCACPA offers many different types of CPE throughout the year. Visit the CPE & Events Catalog for a complete listing of our CPE curriculum. See the available delivery types below:

In-Person: Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and customized onsite training programs through Customized Continuing Education

Online Learning: Webcasts, Webinars, On Demand, and Self-Study
How long must I retain my CPE records?
CPE records must be retained for at least five years. NCACPA retains members’ certificates for all NCACPA programs for five years.
How do I get proof of attendance?
Certificate of Completion You will receive a Certificate of Completion for any CPE program taken through NCACPA. If you have misplaced this certificate see the information below to receive a replacement: In-Person: Please contact the NCACPA Member Service Center at (800) 469-1352 or memberservicecenter@ncacpa.org. Online Learning: Certificates of Completion are always available through your Learning Record user account at https://www.ncacpa.org/event-landing/. Once you’ve signed in using your NCACPA login and password, navigate to the My Products tab, and locate the program which you need to re-print the Certificate of Completion. Click the blue Get Certificate button. A new window will open and click the Get Certificate hyperlink and a copy of your certificate will be emailed to you or you can print your certificate at this time. NCACPA CPE Transcript Members may log in and select Print My NCACPA CPE Transcript History. NCACPA programs taken during the current CPE reporting year will be available by January 31. Transcripts may not be accurate prior to this date and are subject to change.

When taking a self-study program, what is my deadline?
For NCACPA’s Self-Study programs the registrant will have until December 31st of the year purchased to fully complete the program.

Do NCACPA programs qualify for other continuing education credits?
For more information, visit this section of our website.
Does NCACPA offer customized training for firms/companies?
Yes. Please contact Mark Soticheck at 919-469-1040, Ext. 130 or msoticheck@ncacpa.org.

CPE: Day of the Event

Where can I find information about hotel accomodations?
To make a reservation, contact the hotel directly. NCACPA may reserve a room block for larger events. If a room block is available it will be noted under the Date and Location tab within the CPE & Events Catalog.
How do I know the status of an event in situations on inclement weather?
Should the weather warrant any concern for your travel safety and you want to verify if a particular event or meeting will be held as scheduled, visit the NCACPA website, and look for an announcement on the homepage or call the NCACPA office at 919-469-1040, Ext. 122 or 800-722-2836, Ext. 122, for a recorded message. Both options are active 24 hours a day. When inclement weather results in the cancellation of a class, we will attempt to notify you as soon as possible via email and will include local news station information. As you know, inclement weather can strike quickly and may prevent us from making contact with all participants. Please make sure your email address and phone number is updated to ensure you receive inclement weather notifications.
What is the dress code?
Our dress code is business casual. Meeting room temperatures are difficult to control. For your comfort, we recommend dressing in layers to accommodate typical variations in meeting room temperatures.
Are you interested in carpooling?
A participant list will be emailed to you prior to each in-person event so you can arrange carpooling.
How do I submit my feedback/evaluation?
Conference & Seminars: On the day of the event you will receive an email with a link to the event survey.

Online Learning: Registrants will have the opportunity to leave feedback through an evaluation form. Click the blue Get Certificate button in your user account and fill out the form for your feedback to be submitted.
How do I confirm the start and end times of an event?
NCACPA sponsors a variety of CPE events of which, start and end times can vary. Please refer to the CPE & Events Catalog or your confirmation form for specific schedules. Course check in for all in-person events begins ½ an hour prior to course start time. Also, be sure to allow enough time for traffic, parking, and check-in. If you should arrive late or depart early, you must adjust your CPE credit accordingly.
Are there breaks during the program?
Please see break schedule below*:

2 hrs. = No breaks (Beverage service is available for in-person CPE events)
4 hrs. = 15 minutes (If you attend two consecutive four hour programs there will be a short lunch break.)
Morning & Afternoon break: 15 minutes
Lunch break: 30 minutes (45 minutes will be given for Don Farmer 8-hour programs)

*Each conference schedule will differ. See the Conference agendas for guidance on the schedule for each day. **Break and meal service, including beverage service, is provided for attendance at 4-hour and 8-hour in-person events. If attending two 4-hour sessions a meal will be provided.

CPE: Materials

How do I receive materials?
Conferences: Electronic materials will be made available for conference programs. Approximately three business days prior to the conference, you will receive an email from NCACPA containing a link to the conference participant only website and your e-materials. You can print or download to a laptop, tablet, or e-reader. It’s up to you how you choose to view the materials. It is highly recommended you download in advance of the conference due to limited internet availability. Please make sure your equipment is fully charged as electrical outlets will be available on a very limited basis.

Conference Participant Only website will include:
1. Facility Information/Directions
2. Participant List
3. Speaker Bios
4. Certificate of Completion Form
5. Link to Conference Evaluation Survey

Seminars, Workshops, & Customized Continuing Education: Materials will be given to registrants upon check-in.

Online Learning: You will gain access to the downloadable electronic materials within three business days prior to the program date. Once downloaded, you may save the materials to your computer or print a copy. You will not receive a hard copy of materials when attending an Online Learning program. Please note you may not cancel your registration once you download the materials. You can access materials from two locations. In your Learning Record, My Products account, locate the appropriate program and click the blue Download Materials button or while viewing the program click the Handouts tab.
How long will materials be available?
Conference: Materials will be available approximately three business days before and 90 days after the conference.

Seminars: At this time electronic materials are NOT available for Seminar programs.

Online Learning: Materials will be available approximately 72 business hours prior to your program and will remain in you’re Learning Record, My Products for one year.
What if I don't have the email with the e-materials link?
Conference: Contact the NCACPA Conference Team at 800-722-2836 to have the email resent.

Online Learning: You can access materials from two locations. In your Learning Record, My Products account, locate the appropriate program and click the blue Download Materials button or while viewing the program click the Handouts tab.
Can I share materials with other people?
All materials are copyrighted; the materials are exclusively for the use of the registrant and may not be shared.

CPE: Online Learning

Have questions regarding our online learning delivery types?
Here is a breakdown of what each delivery type means and what you can expect.

Please Note: All of the answers in the online learning FAQ section refer specifically to NCACPA produced programs.
How will I receive information to access my webcast, webinar, or on demand program?
When you register for a Webcast, Webinar, or On Demand you will receive an email titled “Confirmation: NCACPA Registration Notification” from support@inreachce.com. This is your registration confirmation which will include login information to access your user account and helpful hints, which will assist you in viewing your program. You will also receive a reminder email three days prior to the start of your program. You will need to use your NCACPA login and password information to access Webcast, Webinar, or On Demand programs offered through NCACPA. Be sure to add >a href="support@inreachce.com">support@inreachce.com to your trusted sender list and/or check your junk e-mail folder for missed messages. Please contact the NCACPA Member Service Center at 800-469-1352 or memberservicecenter@ncacpa.org if you’ve registered and don’t receive your confirmation within 24 hours.
How can I view a program as a group?
Group webcast viewing is available for groups of four or more and must be coordinated through NCACPA prior to the broadcast. If you would like to learn more about group viewing or have questions contact Katie Grier at 919-469-1040, Ext. 125 or kgrier@ncacpa.org. Link not working? Try this http://bit.ly/NGPkVh.

(em)Please note: All webcast participants must register individually and NCACPA does not offer discounts for group webcast viewing.
Is my computer webcast, webinar, or on demand ready?
Webcast, Webinar, and On Demand programs can be viewed over a dial-up/modem connection, but will function better with a high-speed connection such as DSL or cable. Be sure you have a sound card and speakers or headphones. LearningCenter is only supported on Internet Explorer 9 or later, Firefox, Chrome and Safari 6.0 or later. Please test your system to insure you have the proper components installed. Use this link to test your system. Link not working? Try this http://bit.ly/1ikac2j.
How do I contact technical support?
Please contact InReach Technical Support for assistance. For the quickest results, submit a Technical Support request form and a technician will contact you shortly. This form instantly provides information about your system and will allow customer service to promptly solve your problem. If you need additional assistance, please call 877-880-1335. Link not working? Try this http://bit.ly/1fM1hEZ.
How do I launch the webcast, webinar, or on demand program?
Access your my Learning Record, My Products account. Log in using your NCACPA username and password. Once logged in you will be directed to the NCACPA Catalog, hover over Hello, ___ My CPE & Events and click on Products. This will direct you to the My Products tab to see your list of programs. From here you will be able to launch the program, download materials, complete the evaluation, and access your Certificate of Completion. On the day of the event, click the green Play button to launch the program. Link not working? Try this http://bit.ly/O2YRFS. Our technology provider, InReach CE, suggests you sign-in at least 20 minutes prior to the program start.
How is my attendance monitored during an online learning program?
Webcasts and Webinar: Your attendance at this event will be monitored through the use of popups (checkpoints). Periodically, popups (checkpoints) will appear on your screen. It is imperative you write these down, as they will be required to obtain your Certificate of Completion. It is important you TURN OFF your pop-up blocker, as this can prevent the codes from showing. After the program concludes, return to your user account, and click on the blue Get Certificate button. You will then be prompted to enter all checkpoints in order to access your Certificate of Completion. We encourage you to complete the program evaluation after entering your checkpoints. Be sure to print a copy of your certificate for your records!

Please note: If viewing the webcast as part of a group, each attendee must still write down all checkpoints in order to receive full credit.

On Demand and Self-Study: In order to receive CPE credit you will complete a quiz after each learning objective and a final exam to measure your learning. The quizzes will display throughout the program in intervals and will display feedback at the answer level. Once you complete the program you will have three attempts to pass a final exam with a grade of 70%.
How do I ask questions to the instructor?
Once you have launched your program you will see multiple tabs at the left of the viewer. Click on the Q&A tab, type in your email address and question, then hit the submit button. When you have sent your request click the Q&A tab, and the page will scroll up. Your question will be emailed to the speaker, who will respond within 24 hours of the program.
Are NCACPA webcasts and webinars archived?
At this time, NCACPA produced Webcast and Webinar programs are not archived for later viewing. Per NASBA, an instructor must be present during the scheduled broadcast to answer questions in order to qualify for live group study. Archived Webcasts and Webinars will not qualify for CPE and therefore are not made available. If you are looking for a more convenient delivery method, visit NCACPA CPE & Events Catalog for a full listing of On Demand offerings!

CPE: Pricing

How much do I save on CPE with an NCACPA membership?
Members of the association save up to $100 on every eight-hour program, and $50 on four-hour programs. Check out our pricing grid.
What is the early bird pricing policy?
The early bird rate is available for all in-person programs until two weeks prior to the event date. The regular rate will be applied to registrations received within two weeks of the program.

**Early Bird pricing does not apply to Online Learning programming.

CPE: Registration & Policies

How do I register for NCACPA-sponsored CPE events?
We offer 4 easy ways to register! Secure Online Registrations: Our CPE & Events Catalog allows you to register by credit card 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Mail: Send your completed registration form with check (payable to NCACPA) or credit card information to: NCACPA Member Service Center, PO Box 80188, Raleigh, NC 27623.
Phone: Phone registrations may be made between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm by calling 800-469-1352. Phone registrations must be charged to your credit card.
Fax: To register 24 hours a day, seven days a week, fax your completed registration form with credit card information to 919-378-2000.

NCACPA accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Conference Registrations: When registering for a conference, please select concurrent sessions and optional events to ensure seating is available.
How do I register for an NCACPA online learning program?
You can register for all NCACPA produced programs through the CPE & Events Catalog. Once you’ve selected a program, click on the event link and then click Add to Cart. If you are a first-time NCACPA customer, you will be asked to create an account. If you are a NCACPA member or have purchased from us in the past, simply sign-in to the secure area with your NCACPA login and password.

Click for information regarding NCACPA Self-Study programming.
Do I need my online password to browse NCACPA's CPE offerings?
No. You will need your password when you begin the registration process for an event. After adding an item to your cart you will be prompted to login.
How do I sign into my NCACPA account?
Click the Member Service Center at 800-469-1352 for instructions. Follow all steps above before creating a new account.
I have been put on a waiting list for an upcoming class. What happens next?
If a space becomes available, you will automatically be taken off the waitlist and moved into the event. An email confirmation will be sent to notify you of this change.
What is NCACPA's cancellation policy?
In-Person: Cancellations or transfers made one to five business days before the event will incur an administrative fee of approximately 30%. Entire registration fee and materials are forfeited by no-shows and same-day cancellations. Substitutions must be made in advance of the program and are subject to fee adjustments.

Webcast and Webinars: Cancellations or transfers made one business day prior to the event or after will forfeit the entire registration fee and materials. Please Note: If you experience technical difficulty during a webcast program, you must contact NCACPA within 72 business hours of the program in order to transfer to a different program or receive a refund.

On Demand: Cancellations or transfer requests made after the program has been accessed will forfeit the entire registration fee and materials. If you experience technical difficulty and are unable to view an On Demand program, you must contact NCACPA within 72 business hours upon the first access attempt, in order to transfer to a different program or receive a refund.

CPE Select: The CPE Select pass is non-refundable. NCACPA is not liable for third-party service outages that may occur. In order to successfully complete your CPE hours by the 12/31 deadline, please plan your CPE before 12/31 to avoid any unforeseen technology issues.

To cancel or transfer your registration, contact the NCACPA Member Service Center at 800-469-1352.

What happens if NCACPA decides to cancel a program?
While our overall cancellation rate is low, a program may cancel if a sufficient number of registrations are not received, if an instructor must cancel due to illness, or in the event of inclement weather. Whenever possible, the decision to cancel a program is made at least seven days prior to the event date, and participants are notified once the decision is made. Before making your travel arrangements, you may contact NCACPA to inquire about the status of any event at 800-469-1352. If the distance to the event site requires you to make airline and/or hotel reservations, please keep in mind NCACPA will not be held responsible for monetary loss due to cancellations or changes in air or hotel reservations. (Most hotels require a 72-hour advance notice to avoid a cancellation fee.)
What happens if the date or location of the event changes?
We contract for meeting space well in advance of the event and try our best to estimate the number of attendees. Late registrations may increase the class size beyond the space limits of the meeting room, potentially forcing us to change venues. If a location changes, we will notify you as soon as possible by either phone or email. For this reason, please make sure we have your home telephone number and email address in our database.
What if I have a dietary requirement or special need?
Please indicate any special requirements on your registration form or call NCACPA at 800-469-1352 one week prior to the program.

CPE Select

What is CPE Select?
CPE Select is a pass that grants unlimited access to on demand programs and webinars, but excludes webcasts, “hot topic” webinars, and on demand Ethics programming.
Who is eligible for CPE Select?
The CPE Select pass is available only for NCACPA members and the price is applicable for an individual user. Licensed CPAs who elect the student membership status must provide proof of enrollment in an advanced degree.
Does the online catalog identify which programs qualify for CPE Select?
Yes, all eligible programs are marked in the online catalog and in promotions. You can also use the “Available with CPE Select” filter in the search results to display CPE Select programs.
Is there an early bird option for CPE Select?
Yes—Early bird pricing runs January 1 through June 30, and regular pricing runs July 1 through December 31.
Do I need an NCACPA membership to view CPE Select programs?
Yes, membership is required to purchase the CPE Select pass and view any of the qualifying programs.

Financial Literacy

What is the time commitment involved in serving as an NCACPA financial literacy volunteer?
The time commitment is up to the each volunteer and the number of presentations you choose to make. Some talking points and handouts are available to you, and customizing them takes as little or as much time as you'd like. You will spend some time contacting the organization or group you wish to address and arranging to be placed on the agenda or program.

If financial literacy is one of your service priorities, you may want to recruit colleagues to join you in this worthwhile public education program. Again, the time needed is completely up to you, but whatever the amount, we hope you find it is time well spent!
How will I benefit by serving as a financial literacy volunteer?
By getting involved in the financial literacy initiatives and offering financial education to groups in your community, you accomplish several things:
  • Your audience walks away with knowledge to help them improve their financial footing.
  • You increase your visibility in the community and position yourself as a caring professional willing to share your expertise to help others.
  • You enhance the public’s awareness of the CPA profession, re-confirm the CPA’s role as a leading financial expert, and therefore promote your profession, one group at a time.
  • Do I have to prepare a presentation from scratch?
    It depends on your presentation. The AICPA has provided NCACPA with PowerPoint presentations for you. These can be customized to fit your presentation.
    Can I distribute my own marketing materials and business cards as part of my presentation?
    It is not appropriate for volunteers to use speaking engagements to market their businesses or firms. It is appropriate to have business cards available should an audience member request one and to include one’s business or firm, education, and/or area of expertise as part of an introduction.
    Is it appropriate to include my partners or staff as co-presenters?
    Yes. It is appropriate and encouraged. Including colleagues with varying areas of knowledge and experience enhances presentations and gets more CPAs involved in increasing awareness of the profession.


    What are the membership rates?
    Please visit this page for more information.
    What is the membership term?
    NCACPA's fiscal year runs from May 1 to April 30.
    How much do I save on CPE with membership?
    Members of the association generally save up to $100 per 8-hour event. Visit this page for more information on the pricing structure.
    Why are rates lower the first year for some membership types?
    Membership rates are lower the first year because we do not prorate dues for those individuals who join later in the year. Association membership is from May 1 to April 30.
    Why do rates increase per membership category?
    On average, someone who has been certified longer is better equipped to pay slightly higher membership rates then someone who has just entered the workforce. Therefore, to make it economically feasible for those starting their careers, NCACPA spreads the cost across the membership categories based on the number of years in the workforce, with the highest amount capping out at 5 years of certification.
    How can I renew my membership?
    To renew, log into your member account using your email address and password. At the bottom of the page, click on the Invoices/Receipts tab to find your open invoice. Select the invoice and follow the instructions for payment. If you find that you need assistance, please call 800-469-1352 and a Member Service Representative will be glad to help you. Thank you for your interest in renewing!
    My membership has lapsed, but I would like to rejoin. What should I do?
    If you have been a prior member of NCACPA, please do not create a new record or attempt to join as a new member. Reactivating membership is not an available online service. Please call our Member Service Team at 800-469-1352 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you with rejoining.
    How do I get involved in a committee?
    Please visit this page to browse the different committees we have at NCACPA. If you need additional information, please contact Mark Soticheck.
    What is the difference between the State Board and NCACPA?
    The North Carolina State Board of Certified Public Accountant Examiners is an occupational licensing board that grants certificates of qualification as certified public accountants (CPAs) to those individuals who meet the legal requirements. The Board also adopts and enforces the rules of professional ethics and conduct to be observed by CPAs in this state. The North Carolina Association of CPAs (NCACPA) is a member-based organization that offers continuing education and other resources to further the profession and your career.
    Is there a website I can go to find out if an accountant is a CPA?
    Go to the NC State Board of CPA Examiners' website and click on the Licensee Search link.
    What can you do to help me find a job?
    You have access to our Career Center and an online job board dedicated to the accounting industry. The association offers a wealth of networking opportunities through local events, committee involvement, conferences, and seminars where you can build a network of key contacts.