No one does more to advance and safeguard your profession in North Carolina.

NCACPA strives to represent the profession’s interests in vital areas of public policy formation, standard-setting, and rule-making that would have impact on members, the profession as a whole, and the North Carolina business climate. Also, the association identifies and supports the campaigns of those legislators and candidates who understand the profession through our NC CPA Political Action Committee (PAC).

Latest News

Return & Extension Acknowledgements by NC Department of Revenue

Due to a massive volume of e-filed tax returns and extensions, the NC Department of Revenue is experiencing a delay in sending out acknowledgements. They anticipate these confirmations will be behind by a few days, and will relay more specific updates to NCACPA as they are received by the Department’s I.T. staff. However, returns and […]

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New Federal Law for Military Spouse Same-State Tax Filing

A new federal law signed by President Donald Trump on December 31, 2018, the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018, allows military spouses to choose the same state of residence as their service member for tax filing purposes, regardless of whether they have ever lived in the state. A tax bulletin from the Virginia […]

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Important Notice—Kaestner Trust Case

The Department of Revenue released an important notice today regarding the U.S. Supreme Court Kaestner trust case.

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