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Register early for all in-person programming options to ensure we have adequate seating and program materials available for all participants. Registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Programs frequently reach capacity well before the program date. For all the non-planners, Online Learning programs may be a great solution. Register up to the minute of the start of the program… we never run out of room and always have materials.

Four Easy Ways to Register!

1. Secure Online Registrations: Our CPE & Events Catalog allows you to register by credit card 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
2. Mail: Send your completed registration form with check (payable to NCACPA) or credit card information to: NCACPA Member Service Center, PO Box 80188, Raleigh, NC 27623.
3. Phone: Registrations may be made between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm by calling 800-469-1352. Phone registrations must be charged to your credit card.
4. Fax: To register 24 hours a day, seven days a week, fax your completed registration form with credit card information to 919-378-2000.

NCACPA accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Conference Registrations: When registering, please select concurrent sessions and optional events to ensure seating is available.


Event Confirmations

Online Registrations: The event confirmation will be delivered immediately following the completed transaction.

Mail, Phone, or Fax Registrations: The event confirmation will be sent via email when your registration has been successfully processed by a Member Service Representative.

If you do not receive an email confirmation within one business day, please call our Member Service Center at 800-469-1352. You will receive a confirmation form via email (fax upon request) for all NCACPA event registrations. Please review your confirmation for accuracy and any special instructions. Please bring your confirmation form with you to expedite the registration process. If you register less than two business days prior to the event, you must present your confirmation form to avoid completing an onsite payment form.


Registration fees must be paid in full in order to receive an event confirmation. NCACPA will not place a registration “on hold.” Fees for CPE events include program material(s), refreshment breaks and/or meals.

The early bird rate is available for all in-person programs until two weeks prior to the event date. The regular rate will be applied to registrations received within two weeks of the program. *Early Bird pricing does not apply to Online Learning programming.

Member Rates

The member rate is available to NCACPA members. Not a member? Find out more about NCACPA membership options. Learn more here and discover which membership type is right for you.

Conference exceptions: Some events may have partnership agreements with other organizations; therefore, members of the partnering organization will be eligible for the NCACPA member rate. For example, members of the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits may attend the Not-For-Profit Accounting Conference at the member rate.

CPE Select Pass

The CPE Select pass is available only for NCACPA members and the price is applicable for an individual user. The pass includes access to on demand and webinar programs, but excludes webcasts, “hot topic” webinars, and on demand Ethics programming. All eligible programs for the CPE Select pass will be marked in the online catalog and in promotions. Licensed CPAs who elect the student membership status must provide proof of enrollment in an advanced degree.

We anticipate a spike in webinar activity later in the calendar year, and NCACPA is not liable for third-party service outages that may occur. Please plan your CPE before 12/31 to avoid any unforeseen technology issues.

The CPE Select pass grants unlimited access to qualifying webinars and on demand programs on a calendar-year basis. Membership is required to view programs included in the CPE Select pass. Early bird pricing runs January 1 through June 30, and regular pricing runs July 1 through December 31.

You may test your system by clicking here. Please test your system to ensure you have the proper components installed.


Registration Changes

On Demand and Self-Study Cancellation Policy

Cancellations or transfer requests made after the program has been accessed will forfeit the entire registration fee and materials. If you experience technical difficulty and are unable to view an On Demand program, you must contact NCACPA within 72 business hours upon the first access attempt, in order to transfer to a different program or receive a refund.

Conferences, Seminars, and Other Events

Cancellations or transfers made one to five business days before the event will incur an administrative fee of approximately 30%. Entire registration fee and materials are forfeited by no-shows and same-day cancellations. Substitutions must be made in advance of the program and are subject to fee adjustments.

Webcast and Webinar Cancellation Policy

Cancellations or transfers made one business day prior to the event will incur an administrative fee of approximately 30%. Those made after the program will forfeit the entire registration fee and materials. PLEASE NOTE: If you experience technical difficulty during a web-based program, you must contact NCACPA within 72 business hours of the program in order to transfer to a different program or receive a refund.

CPE Select

The CPE Select pass is non-refundable. NCACPA is not liable for third-party service outages that may occur. In order to successfully complete your CPE hours by the 12/31 deadline, please plan your CPE before 12/31 to avoid any unforeseen technology issues.

Cancellations and Transfers

NCACPA’s Member Service Center phone line, 800-469-1352, is available 24 hours a day to leave messages regarding cancellations and transfers.

Holding Fees

Registrants may opt to have NCACPA hold registration fees, less applicable administrative fees, due to cancellations. These fees must be used prior to the end of the calendar year.


For all events, program no-shows forfeit their entire registration fee and materials. To avoid being considered a no-show, please contact the NCACPA Member Service Center at 800-469-1352 before the date of the event.


You may substitute another individual if you are unable to attend a program. If you are registered for any multiple-day event, substitutions are allowed for the entire event only. Please notify NCACPA’s Member Service Center at 800-469-1352 of registration substitutions prior to the event. (Please note: Non-members substituting for NCACPA members will be subject to the non-member rate.)

Walk-in Registrations

While we realize you cannot always plan in advance, we may not always be able to accept walk-in registrations at our events. The onsite program administrator will be able to provide you with the latest registration information. Full payment for any NCACPA event is due at the time of registration. Materials may need to be mailed to you following the program.

Sold-Out Events

We make every attempt to estimate the number of attendees, however you may experience a “sold-out” situation due to the amount of space or materials available.


General Information

Event Times
NCACPA sponsors a variety of CPE events of which, start and end times can vary. Please refer to the CPE & Events Catalog or your confirmation form for specific schedules. Check in for all in-person events begins ½ hour prior to course start time. Also, be sure to allow enough time for traffic, parking, and check-in. If you should arrive late or depart early, you must adjust your CPE credit accordingly.

Inclement Weather
Should the weather warrant any concern for your travel safety and you want to verify if a particular event or meeting will be held as scheduled, visit the NCACPA website, and look for an announcement on the homepage or call the NCACPA office at 919-469-1040, Ext. 122 or 800-722-2836, Ext. 122, for a recorded message. Both options are active 24 hours a day. When inclement weather results in the cancellation of a class, we will attempt to notify you as soon as possible via email and will include local news station information. As you know, inclement weather can strike quickly and may prevent us from making contact with all participants. Please make sure your email address and phone number is updated to ensure you receive inclement weather notifications.

Participant Feedback
We are confident you will receive high-quality instruction from our professional speakers. However, even the best instructors appreciate constructive and candid feedback, an essential tool for self-improvement. Online evaluations will be emailed at the conclusion of in-person programs. A summary letter containing participant comments is provided to the speakers after the program. Individual names are not shared with speakers to ensure confidentiality. Comments are also shared with the planning committees/task forces, meeting facilities, and catering companies.


CPE Regulations

Below is a summary of key North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners (State Board) regulations. Complete list of North Carolina State Board of Accountancy rules.

Questions Concerning CPE?

NC State Board contacts:
Licensing Manager
Buck Winslow, 919-733-1421
Licensing Assistant
Cammie Emery, 919-733-1423

NCACPA contacts


Transcript History

NCACPA has all your information stored in one easy-to-access location. Go to your ‘Learning Record’, click on the Print CPE Transcript button, enter the four-digit year you desire, and click ‘Go.’ Remember, your current year course transcript may not be complete until January 31.

If you don’t know or have misplaced your log-in information, please call our Member Service Center at 800-469-1352 before creating a new account. This will avoid duplicate records.

CPE Overview

All active North Carolina CPAs are required to complete 40 hours of CPE by December 31 of each year. CPE must annually include two hours of ethics and conduct taken from a provider listed on the NASBA National Registry of CPE sponsors. The Board does not approve specific CPE courses and no longer registers providers.

Carry Forward CPE

When a CPA has completed more than the required number of CPE hours in one calendar year, the extra hours, not to exceed 20 hours, may be carried forward and treated as hours earned in the following year. Please note that carry-forward hours may not be used to satisfy the ethics CPE requirement. You may access your carry-forward CPE hours, via the State Board’s website Licensee Search function.

Calculating CPE Hours

Effective for CPE Earned July 1, 2015, or Later

CPE hours must be calculated in accordance with the State Board’s rule on the computation of CPE credits.

Group-Live Programs (In-person or Group Internet Based—Webcast/Webinar): A contact hour shall be 50 minutes of instruction and one-half contact hour shall be equal to 25 minutes of instruction. No credit shall be allowed for a segment unless the participant completes the entire segment. Participants are expected to adjust their credits should they arrive late and/or leave early, or spend time outside the classroom/online viewer during program instruction.

Self-Study: CPE credit for a self-study course shall be given based on the average number of contact hours needed to complete the course. The average completion time shall be allowed for CPE credit. A sponsor shall determine on the basis of pre-tests or NASBA word count formula the average number of contact hours of course material it takes to complete a course. A contact hour shall be 50 minutes and one-half contact hour shall be 25 minutes of course material. No self-study course may contain fewer than 25 minutes of course material.
CPE credit shall not be granted for a self-study course if the material that the CPA must study to take the examination is not designed for CPE purposes. This includes periodicals, guides, magazines, subscription services, books, reference manuals, and supplements which contain an examination to test the comprehension of the material read.