Wondering what to expect now that the next version of the CPA exam has launched?

The new version of the CPA exam launched April 1, 2017. We’re here to answer your questions about those changes.



Five NCACPA student members, representing many of North Carolina’s colleges and universities, went straight to the source and asked Rick Niswander, PhD, CPA, CGMA, what they can expect and how best to prepare. Dr. Niswander played an instrumental role in the exam changes during his time as chair of the AICPA Board of Examiners.

To watch the full-length video, simply click the play button to get started. We’ve also created a library of quick-hit videos below that focus on a single question, allowing you to quickly access what interests you the most.

Get your questions answered about the next version of the CPA Exam
by watching these videos:

New Items

Study Tactics

TBS Questions

Work Experience

Credit for Past Sections

Validity of Past Scores

Scoring Consistency


Score Report

Re-Sitting Timeframe


Recommended Order

Section Overlap



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