What To Do About Your After-Hours Work Email

By Eddie Huffman

You just sat down for dinner and your phone alerts you to a new work email. Can it wait until you’re back behind your desk tomorrow, or do you need to answer it right away? Can you relax and enjoy the rest of your evening, or should you jump back into work mode to keep your boss or a client happy?

It depends, according to experts in business etiquette. We asked two of them to weigh in with advice on what to do about after-hours work email.

Most people don’t expect an immediate response to every email, according to Rachel Wagner, founder and president of Rachel Wagner Etiquette and Protocol in Tulsa, Okla. The general expectation with business emails is that the recipient will respond by the end of the business day, if possible, or within 24 hours otherwise, she said.

It’s important to work with your boss or team to make sure everyone is on the same page, Wagner said: “In your particular group, team, or department, are you expected to respond to work emails after regular work hours? What about weekends and holidays? Sit down first and talk about that.”

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