Triad Women’s Initiative Networking Group Update

By Paula McMillan,  CFP, CPA/PFS, CGMA

Hello friends,

This is a quick update on group happenings, as event planning continues to offer you opportunities to meet other women in order to expand your relationships and have fun! Remember to register for the NCACPA Triad Women’s Initiative Group Scavenger Hunt ASAP! Next week, Donna Multerer of D Stone Builders and Diana Hill of Rives and Associates are planning to divide us into groups of three (preferably with people we don’t know) and send us through Friendly Center with riddles for clues. Once we find the desired items, the team takes a picture and is on their way to solve the next clue. They have said that the teams will be competing for fabulous prizes! Don’t miss the fun and opportunity to make new friends! At the end of the hunt, we’ll grab some good food and drinks at Mimi’s Cafe and swap stories.

At the recent Steering Committee meeting, members made the decision to meet less frequently (no more than once per month) and put our greatest emphasis on the social part of the meeting, with plenty of opportunity for networking. Therefore, the more technical, bimonthly meetings have been scrapped in favor of events like the following planned future events:

  • Service event with a local philanthropy
  • Networking event with a professional facilitator offering tips
  • Opportunity to learn chair yoga
  • Event focusing on nutrition tips
  • Bring-your-dog-to-the-bar event

Each member of the Steering Committee has offered to make one of the above events and more happen. Stay tuned for the registrations as we move closer to each event. Know of another event that centers around socializing and meeting new friends? Interested in getting involved? We welcome your participation!

Paula is a Senior Financial Advisor with Stearns Financial Group in Greensboro. She participates in various advocacy groups designed to empower women to learn more about their finances through Stearns Financial Group, Financial Focus for Women, and Family Wealth Advisors Council. She can be reached at