Public Accounting Firm Social Media Strategy 101

By Patrick Truesdell

We have all heard of social media and search engine optimization, but what do these things mean for your accounting firm? In this article, published by one of our affiliates, Public Company Community, you will learn the basics of the various social media platforms. You will also get some tips on how your firm can utilize each of these platforms. Social media is quickly becoming the new Google; North Carolina firms can’t afford to ignore it any longer. Learn the basics now! 

You can also see how the top 50 accounting firms rank based on their engagement on various social media platforms to help your own firm create benchmarks.

Patrick Truesdell is the Director of SEC Reporting and Budgeting at a publicly traded biotech company, and is also the founder of Public Company Community. Patrick has been a practicing CPA for 14+ years with a mix of public accounting and industry experience. You can follow Patrick on Twitter @freeCPE4CPAs.