NEW Career Center Available Now!

Our improved Career Center is the most effective way to connect employers to qualified accounting professionals across all disciplines and career stages. Powered by YourMembership, the leading provider of job websites and career centers for organizations that serve specialized members, the mobile-responsive platform of NCACPA’s Career Center makes accessing the Career Center effortless across all internet-enabled devices.

NCACPA’s Career Center provides great value to job-seeking accounting professionals. NCACPA members are able to post multiple resumes and cover letters, or choose a career profile that leads employers directly to them.

How it Works

The Career Center provides multiple opportunities to bring jobs directly to job seekers by uploading public resumes and utilizing Job Alerts. When a resume is set as “public”, employers have the ability to view the candidate’s resume. When they are interested in reaching out to the candidate, the employer completes a contact request form. If the candidate is interested in the company, their contact information is released to the employer. If not, they reject the request which keeps the anonymity of the candidate.

Job Alerts also assist in making job searching convenient and accommodating to accounting professionals’ busy schedules. When set up, job seekers receive an email every time a job becomes available that matches their desired interests and locations.

Features of the New Career Center

Job-seeking NCACPA members are also free to search the jobs database with robust filters to focus on the specific interests. Along with seamless searching for jobs, members also have access to the Career Center professional resources.

They can access:

  • Resume writing tips
  • Interview tips
  • Sample resumes
  • Answers to experts’ FAQs

Employer Benefits

NCACPA’s Career Center provides many benefits to employers in order to help them recruit the top accounting professionals for their organizations. Employers are able to include their open positions in a semi-monthly email sent to all of NCACPA’s members and job seekers, allowing them to reach both active and passive job seekers by putting open jobs directly in the inboxes of qualified NCACPA members. Along with providing an avenue for members to find their perfect job, employers are also able to search the anonymous resume bank of qualified candidates. This puts the employer in control of finding quality talent as opposed to waiting for quality talent to find them.

For more information and to start the journey to enhance your career or organization, please visit the Career Center!


Questions? Please contact Mark Soticheck, NCACPA Chief Operations Officer, at 919-469-1040.