NCACPA Meets With NC Department of Revenue

By Sharon Bryson

Mondays might be the most dreaded day of the week, but for those of us who met with the NC Department of Revenue yesterday, it was hardly that.

This annual meeting is held jointly between NCACPA, the Tax Section of the NC Bar Association, and the NC Department of Revenue, and this year’s meeting drew a total of 41 representatives from each of the organizations.

In preparation for this meeting, we called upon NCACPA members to pose questions for discussion with the DOR; these touched largely on individual income tax issues, business income tax issues, and sales and use tax issues, and will be published later this week on our website.

Our NCACPA Tax Committee represents the association at these DOR meetings with the mindset of, “How can we help you help us?” From the DOR, they encourage us to continue the open lines of communication, as we are key in providing the Department clarity on tax issues.

For me, this meeting is an important opportunity to focus on the relationship between our two organizations, and I’m very proud of what we’ve collectively established. As we acknowledged in our meeting, we still have work to do, but incrementally we have come a long way.

(Of note, the DOR plans to launch their new website this week*, which will offer more timely updates from the Department. However, they did relay a word of concern regarding the timing of refunds. Because of the increase of fraudulent activity on returns this year, the typical 8-12 week timeline for receiving refunds will likely be closer to 12 weeks, as the Department is adamantly giving each return its due diligence under the circumstances.)

All of this to say, your association is hard at work strengthening critical relationships and being a trusted voice at the table in discussions that will impact your work for the better.



*We are awaiting confirmation from the Department as to the exact date of the website launch.