NCACPA Advocacy: From Capitol to Capital

By Sharon Bryson, M.Ed.

When is the last time your expectations were well exceeded? And by exceeded, I mean a good, old-fashioned “blowing it out of the water?!” Well, it happened to me on Friday and I couldn’t be any happier to share my experience with you. I was scheduled to attend a meeting with fellow association executives in Raleigh, and I took a seat in the front of the room. I knew Senator Thom Tillis was slated to address the group, but I also know that scheduling conflicts often arise for public officials. Imagine my utter delight when the Senator took the podium and began talking to our group about tax reform, among other topics.

After his remarks, I thanked him again for taking the time to meet with several of our members back in May at his DC office. Our visits on Capitol Hill were nothing short of incredible (and if you haven’t read about them, visit our website). Senator Tillis shared how beneficial it is to have CPAs at the table for their trusted expertise and insight. As it turns out, he was equally appreciative of the time our group spent talking to him about tax reform, the mobile workforce, and IRS service improvements.

That’s the part I didn’t see coming. For me, it was even greater confirmation that NCACPA’s advocacy efforts are effective, needed, and appreciated. The word “appreciate” resonated with me. I’ve heard words of appreciation on the Association’s efforts from many members, and truth be told, those words are what motivates our staff. Knowing that Senator Tillis shared the same sentiment was completely energizing, and I am so excited to see what policy issues the Association can influence next!

There are many ways to get involved in the Association’s advocacy initiatives, whether it is calling a representative, sharing your input/concerns on forthcoming legislation, contributing to the NC CPA PAC, and much more. If you are interested in learning about the ways you can contribute to our efforts, please email me at I look forward to collaborating together towards common goals!