Impacting a Student’s Life for the CPA Profession

By Stan Hill

When you were pursuing your degree to become a CPA, did you ever receive a scholarship?  I did! Although small, it affirmed to me at the end of my junior year of college that I was making a good decision to work hard in my studies to become a CPA.

Here I am 30 years since graduation and my choice to become a CPA has never been doubted.  Fortunately, I can give back through volunteering time to the NCACPA and making financial contributions to the NC CPA Foundation.

I give back because someone gave me a chance and believed in me.  Together with my contributions and that of so many other CPAs across North Carolina, the NC CPA Foundation distributed over $110,000 in scholarships for the year ending April 30, 2015.  That’s a huge impact just for students in North Carolina.

Think about your college days.  Did you receive a scholarship?  What did it mean to you?  If you have been practicing for a while now, think about giving back and impacting a student’s life.  It’s more than an investment in a student—it’s an investment in the CPA profession! I invite you to share your stories in the comments.

Stan Hill, President

NC CPA Foundation

Stan-Hill-CPA_avatar-70x70Stan Hill, CPA, CGMA is a partner with the public accounting firm Watts & Scobie in Raleigh, NC. He has been an active member of NCACPA since 1990. He has volunteered in many capacities including officer positions on the Triangle Chapter Board, former member of the Chapter Advisory Group, the Member Connections Committee and the CPA Day of Service Sub-Committee.  He is currently President of the NC CPA Foundation and also serves on the Financial Literacy Council and the Student Advancement and Recruitment Committee of the NCACPA.