Finish the Semester Strong

By Tai Majors-Newsom

Summer break is a few weeks away. I know you can’t wait to begin the festivities. Many will be traveling around the world, enjoying the sun while relaxing on the beach, and even spending time with family. All of these things are great and well-deserved after a long semester. I would like to offer you a few pointers on how to end this semester well and ace your final exams. GOOD LUCK!

  1. Organization—Consolidate your notes. In order to effectively study, you want to make sure that all of your notes are legible and in some type of order. I always refer back to my syllabus when prepping for my final exams. Looking at the syllabus will let you know what objectives you will need to focus on for each chapter that was covered during the semester.
  1. Communication—Meet with your professor. It is important for you to thoroughly review the objectives and concepts prior to a meeting with your professor. After you have organized your notes based on the syllabus course objectives, email your professor to schedule a time when you can meet and discuss any disconnects you may have.  Develop a list of specific questions that you want to be clarified. This will ensure that you maximize on the meeting with your professor. Also, the list of questions can serve as a study outline for you later.
  1. Procrastination—Do not wait until the last minute. You should not wait until the week of your final exam to meet with your professor. Realistically, you should be meeting with your professor at least 3-4 weeks prior to your final exam to cover any questions that you may have.
  1. Punctuality—Do not miss class. Make it a point to be present for every class. When you miss class you are missing out on an opportunity to increase your knowledge in a particular course. Also, when you choose not to attend class, the professor notices. Understandably, things happen, but make all efforts to attend every class.

Originally from Chicago, Tai Majors-Newsom served on active duty for the United States Air Force as an Aviation Resource Manager for almost seven years. While on active duty, she began pursuing her bachelor’s degree, which she is currently completing at Methodist University in Fayetteville. She plans to attend Georgia State University to pursue a master’s degree in information systems and audit control, and to eventually pursue CPA and CISA credentials.