CEO Conversations: Firm Culture

“The partners, in particular, are talking about ways to adapt the culture so that they can not only recruit, but more importantly, retain their new employees…I don’t believe it’s all talk and no action. I’m actually seeing change.”

-Sharon Bryson, M.Ed., NCACPA CEO

Firm culture is a regularly discussed topic during NCACPA CEO Sharon Bryson’s visits to firms and organizations across North Carolina. What can organizations do, and what are some forward-looking organizations already doing, to create an environment that not only draws in, but retains talent? And what can organizations do to better position themselves as industry leaders?

If you have every wondered what successful firms do, wonder no more. It’s a question that we have been asking ourselves since we began consulting, and after a combined 60 years of consulting, we believe we have the answers and want to share them with you.

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