Are You a Seasoned CPA? Take the Quiz to Find out!

See how many of these you can remember and then check out your total below. (No calculators please, finger counting only!)

You know if you’re a well-seasoned (weathered?) CPA if you can remember…

  • IBM punched cards for federal tax deposits
  • References to APB opinions
  • The Journal of Accountancy in print only
  • When needing a coffee warmup, simply waiting for the next computer crash.
  • Creating your first spreadsheet with Lotus 1-2-3
  • Wondering if any of those CCH updates ever made it to the ringed binders
  • Preparing a statement of changes in financial position
  • Trying to explain it to a client
  • When the receptionist was the only file server
  • When working from home was usually an act of desperation
  • When only the men’s room was paperless
  • Making it through a long appointment without a bathroom break

If you relate to 8 or more, welcome to the dinosaur club. But if you had 4 or more, you’re no spring chicken, either. And if you’re below 4? Don’t get too smug … you may be the one writing this next!


By Dennis Walsh, CPA