And the Winners of the ACC Tournament Team Lunch Are…

  • Bookkeepers from H Donald Scott CPA, P.A.-Nominated by Nancy Smith from H Donald Scott CPA, P.A..
  • PLC Rouse Norton Tax Preparers from PLC Rouse Norton PLLC-Nominated by John Lund from PLC Rouse Norton PLLC.
  • Team Tax from Piver & Anderson, CPAs, PC-Nominated by Jenny Anderson from Piver & Anderson, CPAs, PC.
  • SMC Greensboro from Sharrard, McGee & Co., PA-Nominated by Maggie Dunn from Sharrard, McGee & Co., PA.
  • Breslow Starling from Breslow Starling-Nominated by Trish King from Breslow Starling.
  • The “A” Team from Batchelor, Tillery & Roberts, LLP-Nominated by Kevin Cresimore from Batchelor, Tillery & Roberts, LLP.
  • Audit Team from Martin Starnes & Associates, CPAS, P.A.s-Nominated by Kari Dunlap from Martin Starnes & Associates, CPAs, P.A.s.
  • Brad Whitley from Dodson, Shelton & Nelson-Nominated by Julie O’Brien from Dodson, Shelton & Nelson.
  • Tax Department from Lawing, Matthews, & Company, PA-Nominated by Mildred Roberts from Lawing, Matthews, & Company, PA.
  • Accounting Engine Line of Business Consulting from Wells Fargo-Nominated by Cathy Aaron from Wells Fargo.
  • tax department from Lee CPA PLLC-Nominated by Hans Zonneveld from Lee CPA PLLC.
  • State and Local Government Finance Division from Department of State Treasurer-Nominated by Michael Milam from Department of State Treasurer.
  • Tax Team from BreazealeKiser, PA-Nominated by Becky Moose from BreazealeKiser, PA.
  • Commercial Banking from Allegacy Federal Credit Union-Nominated by Greg Keoleian from Allegacy Federal Credit Union.
  • Dunn Office from Bernard Robinson & Company LLP-Nominated by Judy Benson from Bernard Robinson & Company LLP.
  • Pamlico River Rats Tax Team from Thomas Swanner & Company, P.A.-Nominated by Pamela Swanner from Thomas Swanner & Company, P.A..
  • Carter Tax from Carter PC-Nominated by David Hylton from Carter PC.
  • Amazing Accountants from Beth W. Belk, P.A.-Nominated by Beth Belk from Beth W. Belk, P.A..
  • Taxmanian Devils from LBA Haynes Strand PLLC-Nominated by Monica Cox from LBA Haynes Strand PLLC.
  • LCC Team from Lowdermilk Church & Co., LLP-Nominated by Carol Avery from Lowdermilk Church & Co., LLP.
  • Honeycutt & Grady, CPAs from Honeycutt & Grady, CPAs-Nominated by Susan Stephenson from Honeycutt & Grady, CPAs.
  • Angela Jarvis CPA from Angela D Jarvis CPA PLLC-Nominated by Angela Jarvis from Angela D Jarvis CPA PLLC.
  • The Tax Crew from Parrish & Mills, P.A.-Nominated by Patrick Mills from Parrish & Mills PA.
  • The Whole Team from Thomas Chandler Thomas Hinshaw, LLP-Nominated by Patrick Mills from Parrish & Mills PA.
  • Pension and Employee Benefits Accounting from Reynolds American Inc-Nominated by Justin Knight from Reynolds American Inc.

Thank you
to everyone who nominated your team and congratulations to all of our winners! All of our winners will receive an email with additional information regarding your prize.