A Word from the Chair: Passion, Opportunity & Action

By Dan Purvine, Chair

At NCACPA’s annual Leadership Summit, I discussed some of my goals as the association’s incoming chair.  Those goals include aligning passion, opportunity, and action to help us achieve our goals and to best serve our members and the CPA profession.  While this message was directed to our group of volunteer leaders in attendance, I think it has broader applicability to all of our members.  Here’s what I mean when I refer to passion, opportunity, and action:


We want to identify what our members are passionate about in regards to their company, our association, CPAs in North Carolina, or the profession as a whole.  We will try to identify others who have a passion for those same issues and goals.  Our committees and chapters are great places to connect with others who have common interests.  If you haven’t used Connect, that’s a great resource as well.

Let’s focus our efforts on areas where we can make a difference.  There are both a wealth of resources and a diverse set of issues facing the CPA profession.  We all have a tremendous opportunity to contribute to advancing the profession, both for CPAs in our state and nationally.  You will find there are a lot of ways you can make a difference, both large and small, and NCACPA is here to help support you in those efforts and connect you with others who have a passion to seize those opportunities to improve our profession.

Ultimately, it comes down to action.  I encourage all of our members to take action to make our profession the best it can be.  Action can take many forms, and it does not have to take a lot of your time.  Consider joining a committee, getting involved in a Financial Literacy event, or attending a chapter event.  Start a conversation on Connect, support the NC CPA Foundation, or just go to the NCACPA website to get updated on news affecting the profession.  Attend one of our great CPE programs and connect with other professionals with similar goals and interests.  And of course, participate in our annual CPA Day of Service on September 18!


5/5/2015, Greensboro, NC, USA; NCACPA Leadership at Grandover.


Dan Purvine is the 2015-16 chair of NCACPA Board of Directors and president of A/E Clarity Consulting and Training, chair of the ACEC Audit Subcommittee and has long been an advocate for the needs of A/E firms in contracting with local, State, and federal agencies. He continues to work closely with FHWA and AASHTO in his volunteer role with ACEC to achieve uniform application of FAR Part 31 and the AASHTO Audit Guide, and to better address the needs of A/E firms nationwide.