4 Reasons Why Business Professionals Should Volunteer

Time is our greatest commodity. We cannot add time to our day; we can only do so much in the little time we have. As a busy professional, you are always looking for more time. There are so many hours in a day, and your busy schedule can get in the way.

Why should you take time out of your busy schedule to volunteer?

Some professionals believe that others can do it, or that their contribution to society is small and worthless compared to other volunteer opportunities. We can always talk ourselves out of any activity that takes time.

Instead, let’s look at the reasons why professionals should volunteer:

1) Opens your world
Working hard for many hours during the week can blind you from the outside world. By volunteering outside the business world, your eyes will be opened to the world around you. There are opportunities to help people in your own backyard as well as around the world. Every act we do matters, no matter how big or small.

2) Informal marketing
Society notices community leaders, especially those who give their time. Customers go to the business people they trust the most, and the ones who volunteer more will have a better chance at gaining more clients. Even if your heart is not into volunteering, taking time out of your schedule can create opportunities to make new friends and meet potential clients.

3) Gain more than you ever imagined
At first, you might feel forced to volunteer your time and money. The mantra of “faking it until you make it” applies well in this situation. After volunteering a few times, you will feel great to give your time and effort without expecting anything in return. The feeling of putting a smile on a stranger’s face will brighten your day. Some days you can’t wait to volunteer again.

4) Have fun
There are zero obligations for you to volunteer for an organization. You are not on their payroll and you are not expected to do more than what is required of you. Because of the zero pay, you will have zero pressure to do something spectacular. Have fun with the opportunity, and see how your attitude towards life changes.

Where Should I Volunteer?

We’re glad you asked! Volunteer Match, an upcoming NCACPA program available via Connect, will house all volunteer opportunities the association provides. Simply by filling out a one-time application, Volunteer Match will give members the power to seek out and apply for volunteer opportunities to which they are qualified for and interested in. Volunteer Match will house all NCACPA volunteer opportunities, including term-based positions on committees and the board, short-term tasks helping out at NCACPA and community events (including CPA Day of Service), and even opportunities to write content for NCACPA’s publications.

Stay tuned for the Volunteer Match launch in late April!