Young CPA Cabinet Mission

The Cabinet’s mission is to personally engage young CPAs by promoting and aiding their involvement and development in the profession.


Applications for 2019–2022 are due October 26, 2018.

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About the Young CPA Cabinet

  • The Cabinet is a self-governing committee, subject to the policies established by the Association’s Board of Directors.
  • This application based committee is a diverse state-wide group made up of three classes of 8 members (35 years and under); working on initiatives and events for young CPAs in North Carolina.
    • Applications are accepted annually
    • It is a best practice for the Cabinet to have a variety of representation of North Carolina CPAs including but not limited to practice area, region, firm/organization, ethnicity, and gender.
    • There are approximately 30 applications received annually for the 8 open positions. As not all applications are accepted each year, we encourage you to get involved in Cabinet activities and to reapply to the Cabinet again the next year. Applicants who have applied more than once are viewed as extremely interested.
    • Each applicant must have support from their employer during their Cabinet term. This is due to the full-day meetings and time commitment throughout the year required to complete Cabinet action items in addition to meetings.
  • Term of Office: Each member will serve a three-year term beginning May 1. The Cabinet is currently accepting applications for the May 1, 2019–April 30, 2022 term.
  • Cabinet Meetings:
    • The Cabinet meets four times a year for a full day (approximately 8:30 am–3:30 pm, excluding travel).
    • Attendance at three of the four meetings is mandatory. Missing more than one meeting per year will result in a request to step down from the Cabinet.
    • In some cases, there will be a Cabinet-sponsored networking event the night before a Cabinet meeting. Attendance at these and other social events is expected.
    • Meeting locations vary across the state, and overnight accommodations are provided by NCACPA for those traveling.
  • Cabinet Operations: The Cabinet creates and adheres to an annual action plan which details activities for the year. The action plan is discussed and agreed upon in the January meeting prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year. All Cabinet activities must relate to the Cabinet mission.
  • Cabinet Leadership: The Cabinet has a Chair and Vice-Chair, each serving a one-year term. The Vice-Chair position automatically roles into the Chair position.

Top 5 Reasons to Apply

  1. Leadership: Cabinet members write articles for the Interim Report publication, participate in project-related subcommittees, and attend the annual Leadership Summit (which includes up to 8 hours of complimentary, leadership-focused CPE). These exclusive activities further sharpen your staff member’s communication skills.
  2. Networking & Social Events: Cabinet members assist in scheduling and planning events across the state to connect with the CPA community. These events ensure your staff member knows how to build valuable relationships, inside and outside of your organization.
  3. Community and Profession Outreach: The Cabinet plans and partakes in volunteer events, giving CPAs the opportunity to give back to their communities and be excellent role-models to their peers. They work to engage North Carolina CPAs and encourage the next generation of the profession.
  4. Succession Planning: Members can assist in succession planning for the Cabinet by reviewing applications, interviewing potential candidates, and working with others to select new members. These practiced skills can be used to help find future employees for your organization.
  5. Knowledge: As one of NCACPA’s most active committees, the Cabinet has direct access to regular updates from the Board of Directors. This translates into your organization having first-hand knowledge of the professional issues being supported by the Association.

Application Process

  • Complete online application, including electronic employer support, by October 26, 2018.
  • The Young CPA Cabinet Succession Planning Subcommittee will review all applications.
  • Both references provided in application will be contacted for feedback.
  • Applicants will complete two phone interviews with subcommittee members (each call will last approximately 30 minutes).
  • Applicants will be notified by the end of January 2019 of their application status.

Proposed 2018–19 Meetings & Event Dates

To see the nature and timing of Cabinet events, here’s the proposed schedule for 5/1/18–4/30/19:

May 3, 2018  •  Leadership Summit (Full day)  •  Recognition Dinner  •  Raleigh (Hotel paid for those traveling)
May 4, 2018  •  Leadership Summit (Half day)  •  Raleigh
Note: Leadership Summit training qualifies for CPE.
June 2018  •  CPA Inauguration (Dinner banquet)  •  Greensboro  (Dinner provided and hotel paid for those traveling)
June 2018  •  Full Cabinet Meeting (Full day)  •  Greensboro
August 2018  •  Cabinet Social (Evening)  •  Location TBD (Hotel paid for those traveling)
August 2018  •  Cabinet meeting (Full day)  •  Location TBD
November 2018  •  Cabinet Social (Evening)  •  Charlotte (Hotel paid for those traveling)
November 2018  •  Cabinet Meeting (Full day)  •  Charlotte
January 2019  •  Cabinet Social (Evening)  •  Raleigh (Hotel paid for those traveling)
January 2019  •  Cabinet Meeting (Full day)  •  Raleigh

This does not include various social/networking events that will be hosted locally—usually in major metro areas across the state.

Young CPA Involvement & Cabinet Interest

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