Every once in a while, you meet a young person who just seems to, well…stand out among the crowd.

Zeke Sigler was just that.

Zeke first became involved with NCACPA as an attendee at the association’s Student Leadership Institute of North Carolina (SLINC). While there, he immediately stood out to NCACPA staff and SLINC team leaders as someone who showed immense potential and would be a dedicated NCACPA member and volunteer leader. And he was.

Zeke was so passionate about becoming a CPA. More than that, though, Zeke was devoted to helping other students in their journeys towards becoming CPAs. He continued to be active within the SLINC program by attending as an alumnus and promoting it to everyone he encountered. He also participated in the Student Outreach, Advancement, and Recruitment (SOAR) committee as part of the founding group and increased participation in colleges and universities across North Carolina. Zeke was blessed with many gifts, and he was passionate about using them to encourage and support others.

To honor Zeke, the SOAR Committee will recognize an engaged NCACPA student member who is planning to sit for the CPA exam. This award will go to the student who best exemplifies the “standout” qualities that Zeke embodied, and will be selected annually in May. The winner will also be honored at NCACPA’s annual CPA Inauguration event in late June. In addition to this award, the recipient will receive a scholarship to cover the costs of all four parts of the CPA exam, as well as the application fees.

“From the moment I met Zeke, I could tell he had a real passion for the accounting profession and helping his fellow students. The enthusiasm that Zeke exhibited during NCACPA meetings and events always filled the room. The accounting profession has lost an amazing person, professional, and advocate.”
–Jeremy Jacobs, CPA

“I first met Zeke at the Student Leadership Institute and was immediately impressed with his positive attitude and eagerness to learn more about the profession. Ever since then, Zeke was highly involved with the NCACPA. I don’t even know why we asked him to join the SOAR committee—I already KNEW he would say yes! I could rely on Zeke to be the first one to volunteer for a task and complete it with enthusiasm. Zeke was excited about starting work full-time and continuing on his journey to become a CPA. Not only will I miss him, but the CPA profession will miss all the potential contributions that he could have made.” 
–Jordan Miller, CPA

Nominations for 2019 will open in April. We are asking educators, professionals, and fellow students to nominate exemplary candidates for this award. Nominees must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be an NCACPA member
  • Be enrolled as a full-time accounting graduate or undergraduate student with the intent to receive a degree in accounting (or its equivalent)
  • Nominees must be able to utilize all scholarship funding within three years of selection. The scholarship will be awarded as payments are due for the CPA exam.
  • Have an overall GPA of a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Be distinguished by his/her engagement in the association and accounting profession as a student

Nomination deadline: May 7, 2019

If you have any questions, please contact Chandler Witherington.

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