New Podcast | 12-27-2018

This week’s podcast focuses on the following items:

  • Loan Adviser Found Not Liable to Repay in FINRA Treated as Ordinary Income from Debt Forgiveness
  • IRS Raises Values Dramatically on Vehicles Eligible for Cents-Per-Mile and Fleet-Average Valuation Rules
  • Safe Harbor Issued on Charitable Contribution Credits Related to a Trade or Business
  • Revenue Procedure Issued to Deal with ADS Issues for Electing Farm and Real Property Businesses
  • IRS Publication Indicates Real Estate Agents/Brokers and Insurance Agents/Brokers are in a Specified Service Trade or Business
  • Proposed Regulations on Treating Sale of Partnership Interest as Effectively Connected to US Trade or Business
  • IRS Announces Plan to Issue Regulations on Two Special Enforcement Matters Under CPAR, as Well as CPAR Final Regulations
  • Annual Disclosure Revenue Procedure Updated by IRS

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