Increasing the CPA Pipeline Through Early-Stage Accounting Education

By Charlotte Roberts

Developing a pipeline of CPA candidates is critical, now more than ever. In July, the American Institute of CPAs responded to this need by announcing the acquisition of the Accounting Pilot and Bridge Project (APBP), a training program developed by Dr. Dan Deines of Kansas State to bring higher-quality accounting curriculum to high school educators across the country. The overall goal is to expand the number of state societies educating high school teachers so that they can begin teaching early-stage accounting fundamentals in the classroom.

Still, despite all-time highs in college-level accounting program enrollment, the number of candidates taking the CPA Exam has remained flat over the past five years. And even though last year’s exam numbers showed signs of life—participation was up 9 percent, according to NASBA’s 2016 Candidate Performance on the Uniform CPA Examination – Jurisdiction Edition—these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, due to the significant exam changes that went into effect in April.

How can the industry increase the number of CPA Exam candidates on a year-over-year basis?

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