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A must-attend conference for auditing professionals working with local governments, this conference will include a GASB update and impart several key audit findings from the Local Government Commission. Participants will leave this conference equipped with the essential information needed to effectively improve the quality of governmental audits.

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Workshop: WKLGC122: Advanced Topics in a Single Audit

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June 7, 2022: 8:30 am-4:15 pm
Speaker: Jeanette Batz-Kurtz

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Participants will be able to summarize recent changes to governmental audit standards.


* 2022 GASB Update * Local Government Commission Update

Who Should Attend

CPAs who perform government audits and finance staff from local governments.

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Advanced Prep


Event Speaker(s)

Ms. Kendra Boyle ( Local Government Commission - NC State Treasurer, Raleigh, NC ), Michael Peter Manspeaker, CPA ( Coastal Peer Review, Inc., Hagerstown, MD ), Paulina Haro ( Governmental Accounting Standards Board, Norwalk, CT ), Jeanette Bax-Kurtz, III, CPA ( NCACPA, ), Aaron Bock ( Opkalla, Carlotte, NC ), Ms. Susan S. McCullen, CPA ( NC Department of State Treasurer, Cary, NC ), Dr. Gary Kohut, PhD ( UNC Charlotte-The Belk College of Business, Charlotte, NC ),

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022 (8:05 am–9:20 am ET)

General #1: Local Government Tech Trends to Watch
Aaron Bock ( Opkalla, Carlotte, NC ),

The pandemic has underscored the importance of investments in digital services, collaboration tools, broadband expansion, and other areas. As we look ahead to 2022, state and local government IT experts and practitioners are challenged by budgets, manpower and information overload.
This presentation will focus on the top trends such as cybersecurity, IAM (identity and access management platforms) cloud migration and application modernization. We’ll tackle these topics in digestible bites of information for you take with you as you participate in IT decision making within your organization.

Field of Study: Information Technology

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 (9:35 am–11:05 am ET)

General #2: Local Government Commission Update
Ms. Kendra Boyle ( Local Government Commission - NC State Treasurer, Raleigh, NC ),

The LGC Update will provide current information about accounting and auditing issues for local governments in North Carolina.

Field of Study: Auditing (Governmental)

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 (1:15 pm–2:30 pm ET)

1A: GASB 87: Leases
Jeanette Bax-Kurtz, III, CPA ( NCACPA, ),

This session will cover changes in lease recognition, measurement, and related disclosures for both government lessees and lessors.

Field of Study: Auditing (Governmental)

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 (1:15 pm–2:30 pm ET)

1B: Reducing Cyber Security Risks for Local Governments
Aaron Bock ( Opkalla, Carlotte, NC ),

This session will cover current cyber security statistics and challenges for local governments. In addition, this session will cover common attacks, cyber insurance, and best practices to prevent cyber attacks.

Field of Study: Information Technology

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 (2:40 pm–3:30 pm ET)

2A: Risk Assessment
Michael Peter Manspeaker, CPA ( Coastal Peer Review, Inc., Hagerstown, MD ),

Deficiencies in risk assessment are a common peer review finding. In October 2021, the Auditing Standards Board issued a new risk assessment standard (SAS No. 145) effective for periods ending December 15, 2021 or later.
In this session we will discuss how to improve your risk assessments, a brief overview of the new risk assessment standard and how some of the concepts in SAS No. 145 can be used to help your current risk assessment process.

Field of Study: Auditing (Governmental)

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 (2:40 pm–3:30 pm ET)

2B: Post-COVID Workplace: Managing Remote Employees & Returning to the Office
Dr. Gary Kohut, PhD ( UNC Charlotte-The Belk College of Business, Charlotte, NC ),

As Covid-19 cases continue to fall and governments lift remaining pandemic restrictions, many offices are asking employees to return to in-person work. However, returning employees to the workplace isn’t as simple as announcing a reopening or return-to-the-workplace date and carrying on business as usual. Many workplaces have been altered, and some changes may be long term, even with vaccines widely available.

The Covid crisis creates an opportunity to rebuild and reposition ourselves for the future. It has highlighted the human dimension of workforce challenges and the uncertainties facing leaders. In this extraordinarily tight job market, we have to ask ourselves, will employees want to flock back to buildings even when it’s safe again? Should we do away with Zoom and return the workplace to its pre-COVID ways?

Many people may be excited to return to their workplaces. However, this change might be a tricky one for those working from home or furloughed for months. Clearly, each employer’s plan to return, or re-return, to the workplace will look different, but there are key issues to consider during this time of transition. So how can leaders create a new work world that will keep employees both happy and productive post-COVID? This session will offer specific strategies that work for reopening workplaces successfully for both in-office and remote employees.

Field of Study: Personnel/Human Resources

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 (3:45 pm–4:35 pm ET)

General #4: Succession Planning: Key Issues & Insights
Dr. Gary Kohut, PhD ( UNC Charlotte-The Belk College of Business, Charlotte, NC ),

Succession planning prepares a workforce for inevitable departures, retirements and promotions and provides a process through which an employer can identify and develop internal staff with the potential to fill key leadership and other critical roles. It can also be viewed as an opportunity to create a competitive advantage with talent. Many governments face the challenge of ensuring continuity and consistency of service delivery due to employee turnover. In instances where large numbers of government employees are eligible to retire, there is a concern that not enough qualified or available workers will be prepared to replace them.

Good business leaders must plan for the unexpected. However, when running an organization, it’s easy to focus on the present day-to-day tasks like scheduling calls, hosting meetings, and analyzing metrics. Unfortunately, these are time consuming efforts and can lead to being reactive instead of proactive. It’s therefore necessary to set aside time to be forward-thinking. Succession planning is key to your long-term success and allows you to be prepared and agile when the unexpected arises or you need to fill vacant leadership positions.
In this session we will discuss factors to consider in designing a succession program, potential obstacles to implementation, and characteristics of great programs.

Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

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