My Member Community is full of capabilities for connecting with other members, starting new initiatives, and giving back to the profession. Below, we’ve broken down how you can leverage each facet of this new online model.





On this collaborative discussion platform, thousands of members are already using the Open Forum to ask technical questions, get second opinions, seed interest for in-person gatherings, and more.

Connect can house private groups for members who want to communicate and share resources around a specific topic or practice area. For example, our first member-initiated private group, the NCACPA Boomer group, is for members who want to discuss “boomer” issues such as succession planning, selling or merging a practice, exit strategies, and more.

Each member will also be automatically enrolled in a regional private group should they wish to communicate with other members in their geographic area.

If you are interested in establishing a private group, contact Moira Gill at to learn more.


Volunteer Match

Perhaps the most robust feature of My Member Community, Volunteer Match enables members to both get involved as a volunteer within the association or the community, as well as initiate opportunities themselves.

Volunteer Match will house all internal NCACPA volunteer opportunities, including term-based positions on committees and the board, short-term tasks helping out at NCACPA and community events (including CPA Day of Service), and even opportunities to write content for NCACPA’s publications. The module will also list any community volunteering opportunities that come through the association, such as opportunities to engage in financial literacy or student recruitment efforts.


Mentor Match

Mentor Match pairs up members who are looking for mentors with those who are looking to mentor and lend their career development expertise. This is a great opportunity for more seasoned members to consider mentoring students and young professionals in the membership—your guidance and support helps ensure the continued growth and success of the accounting profession.

For younger members, this is an incredible (and free!) opportunity for you to connect with some of the most talented individuals in the state and take charge of your professional future.

Visit the program’s homepage for more information and to enroll.

How to Get Involved



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Interim Report
Discussion moderation
Open Forum


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Event planning
New initiatives
Local projects
Interest groups


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Community service
Student recruitment
Financial literacy
Mentor Match
Volunteer Match



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Networking events


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Local network leader
State-wide committees


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Board of Directors
NC CPA Foundation Inc.

Have an idea for a new event?

As a member, you have the ability to initiate, create, and oversee an opportunity or event. If you have an idea for a social, community service, or other type of event, we encourage you to propose ideas by filling out an intake form.

Networking groups and meet-ups

Are you looking to network with a group around a shared interest/practice area, or meet up with a group of peers on the fly? NCACPA can help you facilitate two types of gatherings:

  • Networking groups—These are smaller groups that will get together regularly to meet around shared interests or ideas. NCACPA will provide you with tools and resources to help facilitate your networking group and make group communication easy.
  • Meet-ups—These are more informal, organic gatherings based on shared interest, location, or people. You can arrange these through Connect or Volunteer Match, and NCACPA is here to help you get started!