NCACPA encourages our younger members to get involved, and we have a variety of ways to get the next generation of CPAs engaged early and often! Please browse the opportunities below to make the most out of your association.

Young CPA Cabinet:

Young CPAs have a big presence in all association activities, and at all levels. The Cabinet consists of a diverse group of energetic CPAs, age 35 and under, who enhance the value of NCACPA membership for younger members and future leaders.


From technical groups such as A&A or Tax, to networking and community-focused groups like the Young CPA Cabinet or Diversity Action Committee, NCACPA committees are one way for younger members to dive into an area they’re passionate about and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

Meetups and Networking Groups:

In addition to networking groups offered in several areas of the state, My Member Community allows members to initiate new groups and meet-ups based on practice areas, interests, or even social events in the community with the help of NCACPA staff.


On this collaborative discussion platform, thousands of members are already using the Open Forum to ask technical questions to an audience of North Carolina CPAs, get second opinions, seed interest for in-person gatherings, and more.

Mentor Match:

This online program pairs up members who are looking for mentors with those who are looking to lend their career development expertise. For younger members, this is an incredible (and free!) opportunity to connect with some of the most talented individuals in the state.

Volunteer Match:

This program enables members to both get involved as a volunteer within the association or the community, as well as initiate opportunities themselves. This includes everything from term-based positions on committees and the board, short-term tasks helping out at NCACPA and community events, and even opportunities to write content for publication.

Connect with the Cabinet


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