Since 1980, the North Carolina CPA Foundation has worked in partnership with the North Carolina Association of CPAs to provide scholarships and opportunities for students to explore the accounting career and understand the opportunities that come with the CPA credential. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded over $1.8 million in scholarships, impacting almost 1,600 accounting students in our state.

The CPA Profession is Facing a Talent Shortage

The accounting profession is not unlike others in that it is currently facing a talent shortage, which can be attributed to a few factors.

  • An increase in STEM programming in high schools, coupled with smaller graduating classes, is diverting students’ interest to a host of other career options.
  • Costs of both higher education and CPA exam fees are rising, along with exploding student debt.
  • We are in the midst of a national shortage of tenured faculty teaching accounting in colleges and universities.
  • There is greater competition for graduates as businesses prepare for the surge of Baby Boomer retirements.
  • The nature of work has evolved with the widening talent gap, requiring firms to employ a mix of talent to support the diverse demands of today’s clientele.

If left unchecked, both accounting firms and other organizations that employ CPAs may be ill-equipped to cope with these challenges, which makes the Foundation’s work more important than ever.

How the Foundation Can Help

Effectively dealing with the current supply and demand imbalance will enable the profession to successfully attract and retain top talent into the accounting pipeline. This is precisely why the Foundation is expanding its reach and lending increased support to multiple points along the path to becoming a CPA.

While programs are being finalized to support students/teachers in high schools; preparation/review courses and sitting fees for the CPA exam candidates; and an accounting doctoral scholar from North Carolina, three levels of scholarships have already been established.

The Foundation awarded 72 scholarships amounting to $138,000 in the fall of 2018!

Learn more about these three levels of scholarships.

Support Someone’s Journey to Becoming a CPA

With this expanded reach comes an increased need for financial assistance from NCACPA members, CPA firms, and other organizations with a vested interest in ensuring our state has a flourishing pipeline of diverse and talented future CPAs.

We welcome financial support in a variety of ways—the Foundation accepts personal checks, business checks, and credit card authorizations, both online and over the phone.

Through a one-time or multi-year commitment, would you join us in our efforts to ensure the accounting profession is poised for continued success for generations to come?

The NC CPA Foundation could not accomplish its mission without the generosity of its valued donors. We are grateful for the many individuals, businesses, and organizations that support the important work of the Foundation.

About the North Carolina CPA Foundation

The North Carolina CPA Foundation Inc. was established to further facilitate the association’s philanthropic efforts. The Foundation plays a major role in accomplishing the association’s mission of supporting CPAs and the accounting profession in North Carolina.

About NC CPA Foundation’s New Scholarship Program

Thanks to the generous donations of NCACPA members, firms, corporations, speakers, etc., over the last five years the Foundation has awarded more than $500,000 to students across the State of North Carolina.

Early in your professional journey, it’s highly likely that someone gave you a helping hand. Whether it was in the form of references, encouragement, or financial aid—you might not have achieved as much without the help of others. Make that same generosity your legacy by giving hope to the next generation of CPAs. Your tax-deductible donation to the North Carolina CPA Foundation will make a difference in the lives of aspiring CPAs across the state. Give the gift that keeps on giving—make a donation to the Foundation today!

Make a Difference

Contribute in a variety of ways (online, personal check, or call the Member Service Center at 800-469-1352) to the NC CPA Foundation Inc. to provide deserving students with future scholarships.

If you would like to make an online Foundation contribution, click on the button below.

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 Or, you can send a personal check to:
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