General Information

The NCACPA Financial Literacy Council was established to provide North Carolina CPAs with necessary resources and opportunities to inform and educate the public, and better prepare future generations for money management in years to come. Our goal is to help North Carolinians reduce debt and build wealth, and by doing so, strengthen the state’s economic standing and financial future.

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Volunteer Speaking Engagements

Because there is such a great need across our state to educate the public, the Financial Literacy Council is looking for more volunteers to step up and share your time and knowledge with those who most need education in this area. Whether it is a church or civic group, a homeless shelter, a high school or college classroom, a detention rehabilitation center that needs a speaker, or larger organizations like the United Way, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Junior Achievement, Boys and Girls Scouts to present to their membership, there is someone always wanting to learn more about how to save and spend money wisely.

We have made it easy for you to volunteer—just sign up here and complete your profile with your general information, willing distance to travel, years of NCACPA membership, and areas of interest (don’t forget to check the “Financial Literacy” box!). We will do the rest and match you to any upcoming opportunities and lead you to applicable resources.

If you know of any organization in your area who could use a speaker on financial literacy, please contact Moira Gill at or call 919-469-1040, extension 160.