When it comes to making the best decision, there’s not always one right answer for every situation. Ethics is about looking at several solutions and choosing the best path. NCACPA’s Ethics courses help you gain perspective on the wide breadth issues facing CPAs on a daily basis. This year’s materials have been completely updated and include all-new case studies! Our Ethics courses are available in a variety of delivery options—meaning you can get trusted programs in a format that works best for you. Choose from live seminars and webcasts to onsite training. Select conferences will also offer Ethics as part of their programs. By choosing NCACPA, you’re receiving the highest-quality programming available to keep you moving on the straight and narrow.

We’ve made it easy for you to shop multiple formats and still keep the NCACPA quality.
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Penalty for Not Fulfilling the Annual Ethics Requirement

  • If an ethics course is not taken by December 31, CPAs will receive a letter of warning for the first such failure within a five calendar year period. They will have until June 30 of the following year to take the 2-hour group study or self-study course in order to qualify for renewal.
  • For the second such failure within a five calendar year period, the Board may deny the renewal of the CPA’s certificate for a period of not less than 30 days and until the CPA meets the reinstatement requirements.
  • CPAs who forfeit their license and want to be reinstated must take either the 8-hour Accountancy Law group study or self-study course.