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CPA Pinnacle

Introduced in 2015 and regarded as the highest honor bestowed by NCACPA, this award recognizes an individual who has profoundly and significantly influenced the Association and/or the CPA profession.

Ben Hamrick (2018)
Jim McCoy (2017)
Cindy Brown (2016)
Thomas G. Horne (2015)

Distinguished Public Service

This award recognizes someone in the accounting profession who has begun a legacy of giving back to the community and the profession.

Art Winstead (2018)
Sam Leder (2017)
Malcomb D. Coley (2016)
Rick Dupree (2015)
Bucky Glover (2012)
Richard Urquhart (2008)
Jeffrey Gould (2007)
John Buie (2006)
James Martin (2004)

The Sigler Standout Student Award

This award will go to the student who best exemplifies the “standout” qualities that Zeke embodied, and will be selected annually in May. Learn more about Zeke.

Rachel Hill (2018)
Tai Majors-Newsom (2017)


Recipients of this award are recognized for exemplary performance and/or contributions to accounting education.

Doug Schneider (2018)
Dena Breece (2017)
Mary E. Kirchner (2016)
Linda L. Poulson (2015)
Ron O’Brien (2013)
Pam Strickland (2012)
Arthur Cassill (2012)
Kennard Brackney (2011)
Patricia Burrus (2010)

Member in Business & Industry

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in this area of the profession and the promotion of the CPA designation as the premiere, professional credential in financial management.

Robert E. Dickens (2018)
This was not awarded in 2017

Dennis J. Swanick (2016)
James F. Winters, III (2015)
Bill Menius (2014)
Joanne Phillips (2012)
Daniel Purvine (2011)
Lissa Johnsen (2010)
Jeffrey Odom (2009)

Member in Government

Recipients of this award are recognized for outstanding service and leadership within governmental accounting.

Susan McCullen (2018)
This was not awarded in 2017

Sharon G. Edmundson (2016)
Vance T. Holloman (2015)
Joyce Flowers (2014)
Mike Barham (2012)
Michelle Whicker Price (2011)
Sharon Edmundson (2010)
Beth Ann Wood (2009)

Taking it to the Max

This award recognizes a previous member of NCACPA’s Young CPA Cabinet, who continues to demonstrate leadership, contribute to the association, and the profession after their service to the cabinet ends.

Erica Brown (2018)
Jared Plummer (2017)
Ronnie B. Eubanks (2016)
Jonathan C. Kraftchick (2015)
Jared Plummer (2014)
Dianne Uzzell (2013)
Mark Soticheck (2012)

Women to Watch Awards

This award recognizes female CPAs who  are significant contributors and demonstrate leadership within the accounting profession.

Stacia Neugent (2018)
Wendla Boddy (2018)
Samantha Winogrond (2017)
Wendy Ruggiero (2017)
Stacee Rash (2016)
Theresa Drew (2016)
Victoria Martin (2015)
Bethany Allen (2015)
Bobbi Jo Lazarus (2014)
Marie McLucas (2014)
Melisa Galasso (2013)
Sandi Thorman (2013)
Sandra Walker (2012)
Whitney Gann (2012)

Elevating Women Award

This award recognizes a man who is actively supporting the advancement of women in the CPA profession.

Jonathan Kraftchick (2018)

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award and the Raymond Rains Award were restructured in 2014 by the Executive Committee. This former award recognized members for a lifetime of outstanding service to the profession and to his or her community.

James McCoy (2011)
Nathan Garrett (2009)
Richard Tuggle (2008)
William Ezzell (2007)
Don Farmer (2006)

Raymond Rains Outstanding Service

This award and the Lifetime Achievement Award were restructured in 2014 by the Executive Committee. This former award recognized outstanding service to the association through board, committee, task force, and other volunteer services.

Debbie Lambert (2014)
John Morgan (2013)
William Hunter Cook (2011)
Bradley Newkirk (2010)
Rick Niswander (2009)
Robert Taylor (2008)
Bucky Glover (2007)