ncacpa-why-be-a-cpaNot sure what to do with the rest of your life? Or maybe you’ve decided on the best job in the world—being a CPA—and need help with next steps. We’ve got what you’re looking for. Become a student member and have access to networking with over 14,000 members—or dare we say, potential employers—as well as dozens of opportunities to get a head-start in your professional involvement.

Having those three little letters (,CPA) behind your name equals BIG opportunities like a crazy amount of stamps on your passport, mad respect, job security, and chances to impact the world. You’ll also be making some serious bank—talk about an added bonus!

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Attention minority accounting students!
Don’t miss your chance to attend the AICPA Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop

The AICPA is excited to announce that applications are open for the 2017 Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop. This is your opportunity to attend an all-expenses-paid, three-day workshop filled with speakers, panel discussions, and interactive programs designed to fully prepare you for the workforce after graduation. Reserved for underrepresented minority accounting students who plan to pursue the CPA credential, this program will be held in Houston, Texas, from May 17–20. Apply today!