ncacpa-why-be-a-cpaNot sure what to do with the rest of your life? Or maybe you’ve decided on the best job in the world—being a CPA—and need help with next steps. We’ve got what you’re looking for. Become a student member and have access to networking with over 14,000 members—or dare we say, potential employers—as well as dozens of opportunities to get a head-start in your professional involvement.

Having those three little letters (,CPA) behind your name equals BIG opportunities like a crazy amount of stamps on your passport, mad respect, job security, and chances to impact the world. You’ll also be making some serious bank—talk about an added bonus!

Student Resources


Learn more about scholarships available to North Carolina accounting students.

Exam Buzz

Find out everything you need to know about the CPA Exam—the best ways to prepare for the exam, how to save on exam fees, scheduling information, and other exam buzz. Learn more

Student Leadership Institute of NC

“SLINC” is the premier networking and leadership development opportunity  in the state designed specifically for accounting undergrads.  This two-day program allows students to connect with potential employers, peers, and accounting leaderships across the state—developing their roots into the accounting profession.  Learn more


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Here you’ll find web-based resources that every up-and-coming accountant should have bookmarked to their favorites.

Student Member Benefits

Becoming a student member of NCACPA has some serious perks! Check out your member savings and join the family!

Download the 2015 Robert Half Salary Guide

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